RevSD Management Consultants

RevSD, LLC studies and analyzes business and economic conditions, as many aspects of these conditions are highly worrisome and future conditions are even more problematical.  RevSD, LLC publishes a website that discusses these conditions,  It also publishes a secondary website,, which focuses on profitability and related business issues.

In order to optimally deal with these conditions, RevSD, LLC offers a range of services to businesses and other entities of all sizes, and can broadly be defined as a corporate advisor and business strategy firm that helps companies maximize performance through strategy and analysis.

While we heavily utilize analytical measures and are detail-oriented, there is also an intense focus on “big picture” issues.  These “big picture” issues are paramount in the strategic positioning of companies for long-term success.  Often, firms may have success in achieving various goals and optimizing functions; however, they fail to achieve true lasting success as they have failed to successfully “see” and address larger, vastly important issues.

Adapting To Today’s Economic Conditions

One of these “big picture” issues – and one of predominant current importance – is the current and future global economic situation, and what impact this will have on businesses.  While overall corporate profits have been very strong recently, even for those firms realizing high profits a variety of challenges and unique characteristics have already been presented.  At this juncture, the economic situation and how it will unfold going forward should be of great concern to businesses. (more…)

RevSD, LLC offers services in the following general categories :

  • Dealing with the Economy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Company Evaluations
  • Performance Improvement
  • Increasing Company Valuations
  • Business Planning
  • Business Model
  • Financial Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Plan creation (for early stage companies)
  • Technology Adoption Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

RevSD, LLC offers an unbiased and unique perspective, and as such can be a valuable resource especially when dealing with difficult and complex issues.

Why RevSD, LLC

  • Understanding of economic environment and how its inherent complexities are impacting corporations
  • Company- and situation-specific approach to problem-solving; not “surface treatment” or “template” approach
  • “Real-world” approach – recommendations that are practical and able to be implemented
  • Capability to provide highly innovative analyses and modeling
  • Corporate background balanced with advanced theoretical & educational background
  • Proven capability in improving corporate results
  • Likely faster and offers a more compelling value than (high) quality alternatives


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