3rd Quarter S&P500 Earnings And Revenue Statistics

Nasdaq.com today published an article titled “Q3 Earnings Season Mostly Behind Us – Earnings Trends” that contained a variety of statistics with regard to third quarter earnings and revenues.

A notable excerpt:

Any way you look at it, it has been a fairly weak earnings season; the weakest since the start of the current earnings cycle in 2009. Importantly, this earnings season has raised credible doubts about the earnings outlook for the fourth quarter and beyond.

Total earnings for these 460 companies are down 2.2% from the same period last year, with 62.6% of the companies beating earnings expectations. On the revenue side, total revenues are down 3.8% and only 38% of the companies are able to beat revenue expectations. The growth rates look even weaker when Finance is excluded from the aggregate numbers. Excluding Finance, total earnings and revenues are down 6.9% and 4.9% from the same period last year, respectively.


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