Corporate Performance – Post 2009

Corporate Performance – Post 2009

In the September 27 post (“‘CFO Signals Report’ – Excerpts“)  regarding the 3rd Quarter Deloitte CFO Insights report a few high-level excerpts were highlighted.

There are other excerpts that are notable as well.

One of which had to do with corporate performance post-2009, as seen below:

In fact, a bright spot in the aftermath of the financial crisis has been corporate performance, which has held up quite well despite volatile economic conditions.  Large companies have looked under every stone for ways to bolster their performance – better focus, scaling back in lower-margin businesses, and getting more efficient in both the front- and back-office – often with remarkable success. But last quarter’s survey results suggested the returns were beginning to run out. And this quarter’s findings solidified this view, recording the sharpest decline in expectations we have seen in the two-and-a-half-year history of the survey.


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