Duke / CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook Survey Of June 5 – Notable Aspects

On June 5 the June Duke/CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook Survey (pdf) was released.  It contains a variety of statistics regarding how CFOs view business and economic conditions.

In this CFO Survey, I found the following to be the most notable excerpts:

…optimism among CFOs about the U.S. economy is now above the long-run average for only the second time since 2007.


CFO optimism about the U.S. economy has rebounded this quarter. The U.S. Business Optimism Index rebounded to 61 on a scale from 0 to 100, well above last quarter’s reading of 55 and also above the long-run average index value of 59.  Latin American CFOs are the most optimistic in the world (66, down from 69 last quarter), followed by Asian business leaders (62). African (56) and European (53, same as last quarter) CFOs are less optimistic about the future.

Despite the jump in optimism about the overall economy, U.S. companies plan only moderate increases in business spending (planned increase of 6 percent over the next 12 months, up from 5 percent last quarter) and full-time domestic employment (up 1 percent, not enough to significantly affect the unemployment rate.)

The CFO survey contains the Optimism Index chart, showing U.S. Optimism (with regard to the economy) at 61, as seen below:

Duke CFO Magazine Survey US Optimism 6-5-13


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