Lost Sales Due To Pricing Issues

On March 11 Harvard Business Review (HBR) published an article in the HBR Blog Network titled “Ten Reasons Salespeople Lose Deals.”  The article lists and briefly explains the reasons, which were based on interviews of “several hundred business-to-business salespeople.”

At least three of the reasons for lost sales had to do with pricing issues, or were issues in some way related to pricing.

One reason related to pricing was “‘Nice-to-Have’ Product.”  I’ve discussed aspects of this in the blog post of March 4 titled “Product And Service ‘Affordability’ Concerns.”

Another reason related to pricing was “Price versus Value.”

The third reason related to pricing was “Product Commoditization.”  This is a critical topic in today’s business environment for a variety of reasons, and is important from not only a pricing and sales perspective, but also from an overall corporate strategy perspective.  I will likely discuss this “commoditization” topic in the future.


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